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The Myth of Congress Campaign in Gujarat

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Having been an active participant in the Gujarat Assembly elections since 2002, I cannot resist the temptation of analysing the Congress campaign 2017.   The first distinct aspect of Congress Party’s campaign is that it has clearly demolished its ow.....


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The Winter Session of Parliament has just concluded yesterday. The Winter Session gives rise to a few legitimate thoughts which I must share. On Parliamentary Democracy: Parliamentary Democracy has been India’s foremost strength. Different shades .....

Text of IB annual lecture delivered by me today on ‘Economic& Criminal Offences & Evolution of Jurisprudence in India’

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ECONOMIC OFFENCES: DEFINITION AND GENESIS While commemorating its golden jubilee in 1995, one of the key commitments of countries at the United Nations was the urgent need for international cooperation in countering transnational crime. In the 20th cen.....


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The Congress Party, for the past few days, has disrupted both houses of Parliament. Its Goebbelsian propaganda is that the party’s leadership is a victim of political vendetta. What then are the facts? A company was created for the purpose of starting .....

Rebels Without a Cause

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The Chairperson of the Censor Board has sent her resignation to the Government. So have some other Members. They have alleged interference by the Government and corruption in the Board. Along with my colleague Shri Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, I look afte.....

The Truth of Railway Fare Hike

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The Indian Railways for the last few years have been running at a loss. The only way that Railways can survive is when users pay for the facilities that they avail. The passenger services have been subsidized by the freight traffic. In recent years even f.....

Why Blame the Supreme Court, Election Commission or the Media

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I have heard two important comments in the past twenty four hours which worry me. The External Affairs Minister Shri Salman Khurshid was delivering a talk in London. In the course of his lecture he appears to have commented that both the Supreme Court an.....

Moral Isolation

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It was about two months ago that the Union Government decided to constitute a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the alleged “Snoop Gate” in Gujarat. The Gujarat Government had already constituted a Commission of Inquiry which is enquiring into the .....

Can a State government investigate a decision of the Central Government?

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Federalism is part of the basic structure of India’s constitution. Federal principles are unamendable. The jurisdiction of the Centre and the State is clearly demarcated. There is no scope for any grey area. Ordinarily, when we perceive threats to fede.....

How the Congress Party manipulated the CBI in the last decade

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Yesterday, a statement of the CBI Director, Shri Ranjit Sinha was published in the Economic Times . The truth had slipped out. He said that the UPA would have been happier if Amit Shah had been charge-sheeted in the Ishrat Jehan case. He further went on t.....