Three Fake Campaigns Busted in a Single Day

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I have repeatedly maintained that a fundamental difference between truth and falsehood is that truth holds together and falsehood falls apart.  To each fake campaign of the ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ over a period of time, ultimately the truth has prevailed.  Either it is the electoral mandate or the judicial process which gives the final verdict.

The vicious theory of ‘Hindu terror’

The vicious theory of ‘Hindu terror’ was coined during the UPA Government by important UPA Ministers and leaders.  The ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ adopted it.  It was an effort to distract attention from Jehadi terror.  It was a conspiracy to give a bad name to the otherwise liberal majority community in India.  On terrorism, Hindus were drawn into equivalence.  Terror is alien to the Hindu culture.  In fact, it’s alien to India’s legacy.  We are amongst the few successful nations in the world which have managed to overcome terror and insurgency in several parts of the country.  Not a single Indian has ever been arrested or killed in attempting a blast or a terrorist violence across the border.  In a series of incidents across the country during UPA-1, an effort was made to invent ‘Hindu terror’.  In one case, the actual terrorists were arrested.  Upon rethinking by the Government, a charge-sheet was filed against a set of individuals belonging to the Hindu community and completely contradicting the earlier investigation.  In the Samjhauta Express blast, the US State Department and the United Nations kept indicating a certain Jehadi organisation and individuals responsible for the 2007 blasts at Panipat.  However, it was considered by the then Government as a ‘Hindu conspiracy’.  Yesterday’s verdict by the Court has judicially put the last nail in the coffin of the so called ‘Hindu terror theory’.

The Godhra train fire of 2002

The burning of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra in 2002 was an attempt to instigate social and communal tension in the State.  The accused in the case were identified.  There was voluminous evidence available. The accused were arrested at different points of time, chargesheeted, their bail applications were rejected right up the Supreme Court.  Many of the accused were convicted earlier and an accused arrested subsequently has been convicted by the trial court yesterday.

Many ‘Compulsive contrarians’ who had made a career out of creating social tensions in Gujarat started contending that the burning was self-engineered by either the State or the Kar Sevaks.  In the most irresponsible act of the UPA Government, the Ministry of Railways under Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav selected, without consultation of the Chief Justice of India, a retired Supreme Court Justice, Mr. U.N. Banerjee, as a Commissioner for Railway Enquiry.  The Judge willing to oblige the Government and its political interest, submitted a report that there was no burning by the mob and that the fire had taken place from inside the compartment where the Hindu pilgrims were.  I regard this subversion of evidence in order to cover up the heinous crime as the worst stigma on the UPA Government and its Prime Minister.  Such a report had no evidential value.  Yesterday, the trial court, after perusing all the evidence, has convicted one more accused.

Nirav Modi Arrest

Nirav Modi started cheating the Public Sector Banks in 2011.  It was a continuing crime.  His crime was detected in 2018 by the.  Banks and investigating agencies under the present Government.  His assets have been frozen, are being auctioned, criminal prosecution against him have been filed, recovery action for the dues owed to the banks and creditors are being pursued.  He is alleged to have been escaped from one jurisdiction to another.  It goes to the credit of our investigating agencies that they were pursuing him.  On our request, he has now been arrested and denied bail.  There is a strong unanswerable case against him and hopefully India will get him back.  Whoever cheats India and its institutions cannot get away.  He will be found out.  This also busts the fake campaign that the present Government had anything to do with him.

There is an inherent danger in relying only on fake issues.  They crack up and collapse as three of them did yesterday.  I hope the manufacturers’ of fake campaign learns some lesson.  They don’t seem to be considering their brazen attitude.

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