The Congress Reactions

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The Exit Polls present a gloomy picture for the Congress. Such adversities are not unusual. They are a part of the political cycle. Modesty in victory, graciousness in defeat can demonstrate mature political thinking. Salman Khurshid’s reaction to my comment on the Prime Minister, Dr. Mammohan Singh, was indeed disappointing. What was intended to be a gracious comment on the eve of the Prime Minister’s farewell was retorted to by Salman in anger, if not discourteous. Every time Anand Sharma appears on television he is angrier than ever before. He conveys the impression that he was born to rule and his right is being forcibly snatched away. His latest statement on the appointment of the Army Chief reflected a high degree of arrogance even in defeat. The BJP does not wish to bring the newly appointed Army Chief into any controversy. The requirements of State craft would suggest that. However, a party spokesman merely made a point on the propriety of the outgoing Government in its last 72 hours making appointments.

Does the Congress Party honestly have the capacity to accept that as the undeclared Prime Ministerial candidate of the party, Rahul Gandhi, did not measure up in a comparison with Narender Modi? Being a party controlled by a family it is inherent in the belief of the Congress that the family can do no wrong. The Gandhi’s never make a mistake. Either they are being misguided or the responsibility of failure belongs to somebody else. The Congress will be in no mood to come on a correction course. It will be compelled to justify the same error which has cost it Election 2014.

My daily Blog to stop
I had been writing occasional blogs and articles for the past few years. Brief talking points of my speech were also available on my site. Of late, they are also available on my Face Book. During the past few months I had decided to write a daily blog/Face Book post. This was my effort to contribute to the political debate of the day.
Writing this blog and communicating through it was indeed a fascinating experience. I would, every morning, while reading the newspapers, decide on the subject which merited a comment. I would dictate the blog and thereafter correct it. The said exercise is not very time consuming. During the Lok Sabha election campaign while I was stationed at Amritsar I used to dictate the blog every morning at 7:30 AM. I received many comments both in agreement or otherwise. For an active politician to make a daily comment during election periods can be challenging. Enough time for research is not available. Nonetheless I managed. I had decided that I would write the blog during the campaign. Now that the election campaign is over and the results are awaited, time has come for me to discontinue my daily blog. I would, however, be writing occasionally on subjects where I feel that a comment is necessary.

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