Stray Thoughts

Posted on December 28, 2014, No Comments admin

I complete 62 years today. The NDA Government has completed its’ seven months. What are my priorities in the days to come?

Obviously, the first priority has to be to arrest the slowdown in growth and radically improve the investments environment. The Government in the past few months has undertaken several reforms . More are to follow. Additionally the liquidity in the market has to be encouraged and improved.
The services sector is doing well. Additional investment in irrigation is required. The manufacturing slowdown has to be reversed. Changes and reforms which impact favorably on the manufacturing sector have to be undertaken. That is a focus which I intent to pursue.

The menace of black money and the parallel economy is a curse on the Indian economy. It needs to be eliminated. The next few months will witness an increased focus by the Government to fight black money both within and outside the country. If we succeed this will add an additionality of resource for the National Economy.

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