Perils of Falsehood

Posted on December 27, 2014, No Comments admin

The online edition to “India today” and “The Hindu” have reported that a Goa based activist has asked the Prime Minister to order an enquiry on the alleged misuse of naval helicopter by my wife and daughter on 23rd December at Goa. The news item mentioned that one Mr. Aires Rodrigues has claimed that my wife and daughter were flown by a naval helicopter from Dabolim Airport to a resort at Cancona in South Goa. He has further alleged that the naval helicopter was made available at the instance of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

2. The news item is entirely false on three counts: Firstly, it was my wife and son (not my daughter) who were in Goa on 23rd December. Secondly, they did not use any governmental facility, least of all a naval helicopter. Thirdly, Manohar Pariikar, the Defence Minister, had not sanctioned the use of any Defence helicopter for them. In fact, since it was a purely private visit, Manohar Parrikar was not even aware of the fact that they were in Goa.

3. No activist has a right to invent falsehood and then publicize it over the social media. I am waiting to see whether this activist and the online editions, which have published the statement without verification, retract from the falsehood and tender apology and express regret over the same.

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