Can’t Congress Party see the proof against Sh.Vir bhadra Singh?

Posted on December 31, 2013, No Comments admin

Yesterday I released to the media a letter that I had written to the Prime Minister on the cases of corruption against Shri Vir Bhadra Singh, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. Along with the letter I have annexed 20 documents totaling 258 pages. I have also sent a copy of that letter to the Director CBI so that the agency can investigate the allegations.

I was surprised at the reaction of the Congress Party in what appears to be a clear cut case of corruption. The Party has challenged me to produce the evidence. The entire evidence is documentary and submitted both to the Prime Minister and the Director CBI. The evidence is also available on my website.

On the allegation of the Chief Minister being a beneficiary of the unaccounted money I have enclosed the copies of the VBS diaries seized during the Income Tax raid on the ‘Ispat Group’. On the issue of user of the unaccounted money I have enclosed details of how an unknown LIC agent Anand Chauhan opened a bank account in Simla, deposited 5-1/2 crore of rupees and issued cheques from the account for the benefit of the Chief Minister and his family members’ LIC policies. The Chief Minister has admitted that the money belongs to him and has revised his Tax returns so as to create a fake defence that this money was legitimately earned by him.

On the third allegation of a quid pro quo being with a power generating company, I have annexed documents of favours being granted to the said company. I have further produced documents establishing that the Chief Minister and his wife received money from the said company and that his family members became shareholders in another company of the same group which he favoured. I would request the Congress Party and in particular its leaders Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Sh. Rahul Gandhi to examine this evidence and make a public declaration why they feel that Shri Vir Bhadar Singh is still innocent.

Shri Vir Bhadra Singh has said that he would consider filing a Defamation action against me. He is certainly entitled to do so. In that event I would be pleading truth as defence and cross examining him on each of these issues.

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