30th October, 2013

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The JPC on 2G scam has submitted its final report. There are six(6) dissent notes also submitted by BJP, BJD, TMC, CPI, CPI(M) & AIADMK. This is unprecedented. This JPC would be remembered for having flouted all norms of a bipartisan parliamentary investigation. It did not summon the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister who played decisive and dubious role in the allocation of 2G spectrum. Also it did not examine Shri A Raja who is the main accused even though he offered himself for examination. This JPC sought to suppress facts instead of unraveling them. It has distorted the facts to present a version suited to the Congress Party. Thus, it has failed its mandate and stands in breach of trust of the Parliament. It would go down in history for deliberately scuttling investigation in to one of the most high profile scams in the Indian establishment.

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