30th November, 2013

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The campaign having concluded in other States, the entire concentration of the BJP campaign is now on Delhi Assembly polls. Every leader of the Party has visited several constituencies to address large public rallies and Karyakarta sammelans. The entire party has been participating in the campaign.

Where is the Congress campaign ?

Who are the Congress campaigners ?

Some people look good only when the going is good. That is a more apt description of the central leadership of the Congress party. After the fiasco at the Virat garden, Ambedkar Nagar, Rahul Gandhi has not endeavoured to hold another meeting in Delhi. He has ignored the Delhi campaign.
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has addressed a solitary rally in Delhi.
Dr. Manmohan Singh was scheduled to address a rally today which was cancelled on account of his other important engagements.
It seems that central leadership of the Congress Party has virtually written off Delhi and is not actively participating in the Delhi campaign.
Mrs. Sheila Dixit appears to be going about it all alone.
Even in publicity over the radio, outdoor advertising and newspaper advertisements, the Congress campaign appears to be both subdued and confused. It is this inactivity which is likely to add to the BJP’s advantage.
The Aam Aadmi Party is also endeavouring to find a space for itself from the vacuum that Congress has created.
The lowest percentage of votes that the Congress in Delhi received i.e. 33% , was in 1977.
I reiterate that in this Assembly elections the Congress will fall much below even that figure.

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