2nd November, 2013

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“In the recently published report on “Ease of Doing Business”, India has slipped from a rank of 131 in 2013 to a rank of 134.
It ranks below Bangladesh (130), Pakistan(110), Nepal (105), Sri Lanka (85) i.e lowest among its immediate neighbours.
It ranks pretty low among the BRICS nations too with Brazil(116), Russian Federation(92), China (96) , South Africa(41).
India has slipped in the rankings since 2006 when it was ranked 116. In a globalised economy, India has to improve its perception among investors as a destination for doing business if it has to attract capital.

India has also slipped from 64 to 66 in the ranking of the Global Innovation Index. India with its large pool of talented scientists and technocrats and its strength in ICT should be the hub of research and innovation.

Unfortunately, the UPA has done precious little in the last 10 years to improve the situation. We need a leadership change in this country to steer India out of this rot.”

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