29th November, 2013

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I have earlier commented that the Congress Party is unable to deal with Narendra Modi. The Congress‘s undeclared Prime Ministerial Candidate is making no impact. It has therefore resorted to some of its leaders confining themselves to tweets and press conferences.
Modi in the meanwhile continues to tour the entire country. His audience response has been unprecedented. I have in the last two decades after the expansion of 24*7 satellite TV, seen a lack of interest in public rallies. Narendra Modi’s public meetings have revived that interest. The environment at the rallies is electrifying.
Governmental authorities have denied to him the permission to hold rally in the Chief Minister’s constituency at Sarojini Nagar, Newdelhi. Prime Minister’s rally scheduled for Delhi has been cancelled so that comparison can not be drawn with Modi’s rally on the same day.
I have earlier mentioned that the dirty tricks department of the Congress has used disgruntled police officers and civil servants to make baseless allegations against Modi. Even that doesn’t seem to be cutting ice.
An important publication which was used in the past for more than a decade to carry on anti-Modi campaign appears to be collapsing under the weight of its own immorality.
A large number of NGOs with invisible funding which had made a living out of keeping anti-Modi litigations alive in Courts have not so far succeeded in bringing out any material evidence against him.
What does the Congress Party then do ? Suddenly a series of Websites have appeared with some stories and some non-stories.
Anti-Modism is no longer merely a political philosophy. It is also commerce. Some of these websites are making a mountain of what is not even a molehill. The dirty tricks department of the Congress continues to commercially flourish. It is a different matter that even the tricks are failing to spread the dirt.

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