28th November, 2013

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I have returned today after campaigning in Rajasthan. The voters of Rajasthan are yearning for change. They find the Chief Minister of the present state government as non-inspirational. He lacks dynamism necessary to give push to a state like Rajasthan which otherwise has very high potential. The Congress government in Rajasthan remained non-functional for more than four years. In the last few months it did try to come out with some populist measures. By that time, it was too late. Rajasthan remembers the decisiveness of Smt. Vasundhara Raje. Her capacity to push development initiatives is praised by many. She unquestionably remains the most popular political personality in the State. Her meetings have been well responded to. Shri Narendera Modi’s extensive campaigning has given to the BJP the cutting edge that it needs for Rajasthan. The Congress suffers from a bad image. A large number of Ministers and MLAs have been arrested for allegations relating to sexual abuse charges. A beleaguered Congress is hardly likely to pose a serious challenge to the BJP.

I have campaigned in all the four States going to poll other than Mizoram. I find the audience response in public rallies in Rajasthan most electrifying. The environment of political rallies gives you an idea about the things to come. For the BJP, Rajasthan may give a better than expected results.

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