26th November, 2013

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The Delhi Unit of the BJP has released its manifesto for the forthcoming assembly elections. I had an opportunity to be present at the function where the manifesto was released by Shri Vijay Goel and Dr. Harshvardhan. The manifesto is a well drafted document which promises to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Delhi and provide a cushion to them against the uncontrolled inflation.

Delhi elections conventionally have been bipolar. There are several small political parties whose area of influence is somewhat limited. At best, they act as spoilers. This time the Aam Aadmi Party is making its debut. It is hoping to open up its’ account in Delhi.

The Congress in Delhi suffers from double anti-incumbency. Price rise, mismanagement of the economy, a large number of scams, a weak central government on issues of internal security are all areas which are impacting on the psyche of the voter in Delhi. The Congress suffers from a leadership crisis at the Centre. A non-performing government led by an indecisive leader has unquestionably disillusioned the people. The new leadership for the Congress that the Congress promises is non-inspirational. A local anti-incumbency against the State government is predominantly on account of corruption resulting from innumerable Lok Ayukta reports against the State government. A huge increase in the electricity and water tariff and inadequate amenities in very large part of Delhi have created popular anger. I anticipate that the popular vote in support of the Congress Party will hit a rock bottom. I won’t be surprised if the Congress’s share of popular vote falls to the lowest ever it has received in any State election since 1952.

The Aam Aadmi Party is thriving on publicity and cynicism. Its electoral base is narrow. Its political style is adventurous. Recent disclosures indicated that the facade of morality put up by its leaders is unconvincing. Its leaders and candidates have been seen discussing helping people to eject occupants from properties, settling financial disputes and participating in demonstrations against business rivals. This is indeed a ‘rent a cause’ party.

The BJP has gained in the present political environment. Dr. Harshvadhan’s leadership has provided it a leader with credibility and integrity. The fact that he is a professional has added to his stature. I foresee a convincing victory for BJP in Delhi.

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