24th November, 2013

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How does the Congress party deal with Narendra Modi? It is a question that the party is unable to answer?

In Gujarat, the party has flip-flopped. Either they are very aggressive against him or alternatively they pretend that he doesn’t exist. In the 2012 state assembly elections they could not project a leader to match him. They hired a young brand Ambassador to counter him.

This dilemma obviously continues in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi is no match. The Congress is on the back foot as far as the leadership battle is concerned. Today it is under the impression that tweets, taunts and press conferences of its’ second row leaders will match Modi. This hasn’t worked. They are back to their old game of detecting a disgruntled police officer or a civil servant and getting him to make absurd charges. This didn’t work when Sanjeev Bhatt did it. It won’t work with Congress party’s newly discovered suspended civil servant doing it.

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