15th November. 2013

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The Delhi Police has arrested three private detectives and three policemen in connection with illegal procurement of call data records of several persons in Delhi. It is alleged that my mobile phone call data record were amongst those which were being accessed by these persons. Earlier some others including a private detective and a policeman who was engaged at the behest of this detective had been arrested.

If call data records of citizens can so easily be procured it is a serious infringement of the right of privacy. Every citizen has a right to be left alone. Nobody can snoop on him as to whom he contacts and speaks to. In addition to this violation of the right to privacy in the case of a Member of Parliament such snooping also includes violation of his right of Privilege since the identity of individuals who contact the Members of Parliament if disclosed or found out would expose their sources and jeopardize their right to get information in future.

The private detectives and the policemen engaged by them appear to have been identified. But who was the client that these persons were acting for. Obviously such details were not being sought without a purpose or a motive. There had to be a client who engaged them to get these details. Investigations have so far failed to identify this client.

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