12th November, 2013

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The Prime Minister has strongly argued that policy formulation is in the Executive domain and that the CBI should not investigate policy. What if the policy formulation is for collateral and corrupt purpose? The UPA Government’s policy was for a national resource, the 2G spectrum, should be allocated in 2008 at the 2001 prices. The policy was intended to cause loss to the national exchequer. The UPA Government’s policy was to allocate spectrum on a ‘first come first pay’ basis. The favourites were informed in advance about the change of policy. If the policy is intended to promote corruption, should there be immunity from the Prevention of Corruption Act?

The UPA’s policy was to allocate coal blocks not through an auction, not at the market price but through a discretionary screening mechanism. Coal blocks were allotted to a favourite few including Congress Party politicians. Should such a policy be immune from investigation ?

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