Why Electoral Bonds are Necessary

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India is the largest democracy in the world.  However, despite strengthening various institutions for the last seven decades, India has not been able to evolve a transparent political funding system.  Elections and political parties are a fundamental fe.....

The Myth of Congress Campaign in Gujarat

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Having been an active participant in the Gujarat Assembly elections since 2002, I cannot resist the temptation of analysing the Congress campaign 2017.   The first distinct aspect of Congress Party’s campaign is that it has clearly demolished its ow.....

The Fiction of Loan Waiver to Capitalists

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Over the last few days, a rumour is being propagated regarding waiver of loans of capitalists by banks. Time has come for the nation to be apprised of facts in this regard. Between the years 2008 to 2014, Public Sector Banks disbursed disproportionate.....

A Year After Demonetisation

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November 8, 2016 would be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of Indian economy.  This day signifies the resolve of this Government to cure the country from “dreaded disease of black money”.  We, the Indians, were forced to live with thi.....

Forty Two Years Ago – The Emergency

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{:en}It has become customary for the critics of any Government in India to casually use an expression “Undeclared Emergency”. Those making these exaggerated comments need to introspect their own roles during the Emergency. Most of them were either sup.....


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The Congress Party complains a bit too much. It accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of ‘stealing’ the mandate in Goa. It unsuccessfully petitioned before the Supreme Court. It attempted to raise issues in the Lok Sabha. What are the facts? The A.....

The squeezing out of the Congress Party

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The 2014 General Elections delivered an absolute majority for the BJP and overwhelming majority for the NDA. This was a surprise for many. The bigger surprise, however, was that the Congress got relegated to just 44 seats in Parliament. Since May, 2014 I.....

Demonetisation – A look back at the last two months

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Two months have passed since the Prime Minister announced the decision that high denominational currency notes would cease to be a legal tender. Subsequently those notes have been demonetised. When 86% of a country’s currency constituting 12.2% of its G.....

Two Important Issues before the GST Council

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The GST Council comprising of the Finance Ministers' of the Union and the State Governments has had three detailed meetings spread over several days. Two more meetings are proposed post Deepawali. The meetings have witnessed an intense debate on several i.....

Triple Talaq and the Government’s Affidavit

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The issue with regard to the constitutional validity of ‘Triple Talaq’ is distinct from the Uniform Civil Code. The constitutional framers had expressed a hope in the Directive Principles of State Policy that the State would endeavour to have a Unifor.....