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10 Apr, 2014



Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 17th April, 2014

17 Apr, 2014

Fair but not Vindictive

          Narendra Modi, the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate, in an interview to the television news agency ANI made a significant comment.  The next government will function on positive agenda and not be vindictive. 

             India is changing.  The people are becoming restless. The aspirational class is expanding.&nbs ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 16th April, 2014

16 Apr, 2014

The dangers of buying your own Propaganda:

It has been abundantly clear during the past several months that the Congress popularity amongst the electorate was nose diving. The more the adverse reaction of the electorate was visible, the shriller was the campaign of the Congress party. Hundreds of crores were spent from the government coffers for the Bharat Nirman advertisements. The conferment of statutory rights to people without backup financial support and administrative mec ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 15th April, 2014

15 Apr, 2014

Congress Party’s New Slogan : “Mein Nahin Mom”

A leading news channel yesterday gave the results of their tracker opinion poll. This poll gave to the BJP 226 seats in parliament and to the NDA an absolute majority of 275 seats. This is the first opinion poll to have given an absolute majority to the NDA. I believe that this poll has captured the emerging trend. As polling date approaches closer in every phase, the groundswell becomes clearer. There are two cle ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 14th April, 2014

14 Apr, 2014

The Congress appears to be getting more and more desperate. Two national papers carry reports what is happening within the Congress. The first report suggested that the desperation was so high that in order to confine Modi, Priyanka Gandhi had agreed to contest Varanasi seat against Narendra Modi. Another paper reports that the Chief Ministers of the Congress have been told that if you cannot win seats, you will be replaced.

If both the reports are true, they only confirm how f ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 13th April, 2014

13 Apr, 2014

Dr.Sanjay Baru’s book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ only confirms what the country ordinarily suspected. The Prime Minister has to take most of its decisions approved and ratified from the Congress President. All sensitive subjects have to be discussed with the person outside the government. The appointments of key officials would be regulated by 10 Janpath. Contracts such as the coal blocks allocations were allotted by the party. Even the venue for the funeral of former P ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 12th April, 2014

12 Apr, 2014

Rahul Gandhi and the ‘Modi Marriage’

          Why is it that Rahul Gandhi has not been able to click as a leader acceptable to this country?  This is the question every Congress member must reflect upon.  Rahul’s communication skills are at best modest. Let alone the average common citizen, his ability to inspire even the Congress cadre is questionable. His understanding of economy is a suspect.  But late ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 11th April, 2014

11 Apr, 2014

Yesterday, several states witnessed a heavy turnout from polls.  What is the message behind a larger number of people being enthused to come in to vote?  In a normal election in India, polling percentage is between 50 to 60.  In a disinterested election, the polling percentage has been in the 40’s.  What has motivated of much higher percentage of people to come and vote in this election?

          Exceedingly hig ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 10.4.2014

10 Apr, 2014

Dr. Subramanian Swami yesterday made out a very important statement.  He alleged that two key members of an important political family in Punjab had parked illegal funds abroad by registering a Trust in a tax haven.  His charge is based on documents with regard to the creation of the trust.  The statement indicates that the trust was formed on 26th July, 2005.

          There are two important circumstances.  In July, ...

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Politics & Poll Results

The Campaign Diary - 9th April, 2014

09 Apr, 2014

The Jewellery Trade:

During the last two days, a large number of people associated with the jewellery manufacturing business have met me. Amritsar has been a critical market for jewellery manufacturers. There are thousands and thousands of those involved in gold trade and as traders and goldsmiths. The curbs on import of gold has hit them badly. Most of them are today virtually jobless.
The Central Government contends that the current account deficit has reached staggeri ...

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