Misusing State Power

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Free speech is unquestionably a pre-eminent Fundamental Right, but does free speech include the right to speak only falsehood? The Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, seems to believe in untruth and defamation, delivered in a language that borders .....

The Vindication of Amit Shah

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CBI Special Court at Mumbai has discharged Amit Shah, the BJP President, of all charges relating to a case of his involvement in the alleged killing of Soharabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati. I have been following this case actively from the time of its investi.....

The Right to Protest

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The right to peacefully protest ispart of legitimate political activity. Protest is a form of expression. Undoubtedly every citizen has a right to dissent, protest being a form of dissent. Is this right to be denied to the Head of an elected government? .....

Should a minister man the police?

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Is a Police Officer subject to a ministerial direction? Certainly not. A police officer performs his functions under law. His power to investigate, search, arrest and prosecute a suspect or an accused is regulated by the code of criminal procedure and oth.....