Internal Security
Forty Two Years Ago – The Emergency

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It has become customary for the critics of any Government in India to casually use an expression “Undeclared Emergency”. Those making these exaggerated comments need to introspect their own roles during the Emergency. Most of them were either supporti.....

Strong Internal Security needed for a free and fair Poll

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Indian security agencies have yesterday arrested a top Indian Mujahideen terrorist who was a Pakistani national and busted a Rajasthan based module which had planned to attack senior leaders during the elections. I compliment our security agencies who wer.....

The Henderson Brooks Report

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Neville Maxwell, the author of “India’s China war” who has been a critic of India’s military strategy has released large parts of Henderson Brook’s report . The report was prepared by Lt. General TB Henderson and Brig. Bhagat. The two officers w.....

Maoists Strike Again

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The Maoists have struck again. Several policemen belonging to the CRPF and the Chhattisgarh Police have lost their life. They have been martyred for the cause of protecting India. Maoist threat continues to be a serious problem confronting India. A large.....

The Ishrat Jehan Charge sheet

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I had, on June 4 2013, made a detailed comment inviting attention ‘Should CBI uncover the IB’. India’s internal security is challenged by several cross-border and local modules. From Jihadi terror to Maoist insurgency we find a continuous challenge .....

Should National Security Issues be decided by a Local Referendum?

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A senior leader of the Aam Aadmi Party has suggested that the issue of army presence in the Kashmir valley may be decided by a referendum of the people in the valley. The same leader had two years ago suggested a plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir where people.....